FCA Feed

Farmer’s Coop offers a large variety of feed, ranging from pet and livestock, to exotic animal feeds. Our company is proud to be the largest Purina Dealer in North Central Oklahoma. Also, we carry our own complete line of feeds manufactured at our feed mill in Perry, Oklahoma.  

Below is a sample of some of our best-selling feeds; however, we have access to a complete line of Purina feeds and custom blended feeds. Interested in finding out more visit one of our local stores or contact us today. You can find our addresses and contact information under the “locations” tab on our home page.  

Want to know more about Purina feeds? Find out more by visiting there website: //purinamills.com/ 


20% Range CubesAlfalfa Cubes 

14% Stocker Grower PelletsAlfalfa Pellets 

14% NuggetsEquine Senior 

14% Calf CreepCowboy Horse 

17% Cow RationOmelene 100-500 

All Stock Sweet feed14% Strategy 

Show calf FinisherUltium Horse 

Fitter’s EdgeHydration Hay 

Finishing Touch 

Preconditioning Receiving Pellet 

Calf Milk Replacer 

Lamb and Goat:Sacked Feed: 

Honor Show Lamb GrowerWhole Corn 

Honor Show Lamb Creep PelletsRolled Corn 

Coop Sheep and GoatWhole Oats 

Honor Show Lamb TexturedWhole Milo 

Lamb Milk Replacer44% Soybean Meal 


Chick Start Grow MedicatedRed Flannel Adult 

Chick Start Grow Non-Med.Red Flannel Canine 

Layena CrumblesRed Flannel Prime 

Layena PelletsRed Flannel Puppy Chow 

Oyster ShellTuffy’s Hi-Protein 

Purina Hen ScratchCountry Acres 

Coop Hen ScratchExclusive Lamb & Rice 

Grit Feed for Adult & ChicksExclusive Senior 

Flock RaiserExclusive Puppy 

Misc. Feed:Feed Supplements: 

Purina Rabbit ChowAmplify 

Floating Catfish FeedSunglo Epic 

Game Fish ChowSure Champ Vita Ferm 

Bird Lover’s BlendHide & Hair 

Black Sunflower SeedHigh Octane Champion Drive 

Tuffy’s Cat FoodHigh Octane Depth Charge 

Cotton Seed HullsHigh Octance Paylene 

Antler Max Deer FoodHigh Octane Fitter 35 

Wild Game FoodHigh Octane Power Fuel 


Sunglo 14-G 

Sunglo 16-G 

Sunglo 18-G 

Sow Lactation 

Sunglo Show Gilt 

Smore Fill 

Pig Milk Replacer